Warmth Project: 2019

A warm jacket is like a hug on a cold day - and with that said, I am extremely honored + excited for The Warmth Project's second appearance on the blog. This year, there was a little twist in plans where instead of thrifting each jacket to donate, I decided that donations would be put towards a wholesale order of jackets so that more people can be involved. Collectively, we raised $1500 that went towards warm jackets for those who need it most. That number still baffles me because I can't believe that so many of you were just as passionate and interested in the success of this project as I am.

If we're being completely honest - sometimes it's hard for me to have hope in the world because I feel that we're all just worried about ourselves. Our worries and our trials and making sure we are doing enough for ourselves and in that process, we forget that in reality we're way more blessed than we like to admit. We should be spreading those blessings instead of lowballing their potential. But through everyone's involvement, I am happy to say that my faith has been restored for the second time around. It just takes a simple start and the possibilities are endless + it's not as difficult as it may seem to make a difference; no matter how big or small.

Like last time, it was a pleasure to work with St. Anthony's Foundation in San Francisco. Not only were they ecstatic about our donation, but they were extremely helpful and made the process feel like there were an endless amount of hands that were ready to help.

The reason that I've chosen St. Anthony's for the second time is because their efforts in making the community feel taken care of are so thorough and well thought out. Their Free Clothing Program is the biggest in San Francisco and provides their guests with "shopping appointments" where they can go and actually pick out items that they may be in need of. I feel that this process makes it so much more personalized rather than people receiving whatever they are given. For more details on how you can make personal clothing donations to St. Anthony's and help out in other ways - visit stanthonysf.org

My goal with Warmth is to grow it more and more each time it is conducted. We grew from $600 worth of donations last time to $1500. Thank you for your trust in me and thank you for putting your hard earned money into a greater cause. I truly believe that a little faith and action can get us to heights we once thought we could never reach. Warmth feels that way for me because for as long as I can remember, I've had this undeniable desire to do more for humanity in any way possible. Our world is a beautiful place, but there is so much hardship in this game we call life. We cannot take the hardships away, but any way to ease them makes a difference. Thanks to you all, I am able to fulfill my dream and also be a part of a collective effort to spread kindness. I am forever grateful. Here's to many more warm hugs, and growth.

Special shout out to Gagan Kahlon for assisting me with this year's project. Your effortless hard work and drive is inspiring + appreciated. <3

Love & Light

- Gur