Pensées du jour - March

The sun blessed us in San Francisco today so I decided to come to the beach and study. It's amazing how powerful and positive I've been feeling since the beginning of the year. Not because something magical happened and my pessimism went away, but because I told myself I wouldn't tolerate me getting in the way of my own happiness anymore. In the past I've felt the need to make a change, but never truly felt confident enough to the point where I actually believed that I could be the woman I wanted to be. But that belief didn't appear one day because I was positive and hopeful for it. It's here after years and years of soul searching and gradual but consistent implementation of big and small things that make me feel like the best version of myself. I feel that often in the name of self love, we tend to go to easy on ourselves. But self love is acknowledging our own bad habits and being our own reality check. By doing so, I feel that I'm trying my best, thus I am able to believe in myself more than ever. The more I believe, the clearer my head is becoming. I've spent a lot of time wanting to be like others or comparing myself to others. But now the happiness that I bring to myself is unmatched. My inner equilibrium feels so strong that even on the bad days, I'm good. I feel closer and closer to the ideal version of myself that I've always aspired to be because now my thoughts are action driven. Finally, finally. Waheguru. Inner revolution begins now. Update in 1 month!

-- side note --

I had the best study session of my life, and got way more work done than I had anticipated. No cafe compares to this. 

Thank you for reading

- Gur