#ELECTRILUXEATZ: Dandelion Chocolate

Think modern day Willy Wonka factory with expertly curated cups of drinking chocolate right from the Wonka river. Put it all together and you’ve got Dandelion Chocolate. A factory + chocolate bar located in the heart of San Francisco with a mission to redefine what we see as good chocolate. From sourcing high quality beans, to crafting, and hand packaging each chocolate bar in their factory – it’s easy to tell that their goal is not only indulgence, but also the education, and exploration of chocolate. Along with their main factory located in the Mission, you can catch a glimpse of the process while visiting their café on Valencia which also has a production unit where the bean-to-chocolate magic takes place.

Being inside the Dandelion Café immediately makes you feel as if you’ve entered a whole new world of decadence. The smell of chocolate takes over, with dim lighting and interior that matches the color of their product. Here you can taste, and purchase their different chocolate bars and also try a variety of treats from drinking chocolate, to hot coco, coffee, and pastries that are made in-house by their executive pastry chef. It’s like going wine tasting, but better, because it’s chocolate.

I was accompanied by my friends on this trip to chocolate dreamland and we tried the European drinking chocolate (with house made, fresh marshmallows – a dream, I know), their “Chef’s Tasting” dessert palette and also their hot chocolate.

The drinking chocolate is rich and sophisticated, not overly sweet or overwhelming like a bowl of melted Hershey’s chocolate, for example. Its richness also got me a never before experienced type of chocolate drunk, which I wasn’t mad at one bit. Each dessert on the dessert palette was just as amazing as the last and left me wishing that I had all of them in a full size. There are not a lot of things that are perfect in this world, but their dessert falls under that small list for sure. I really appreciate being able to taste the cocoa bean flavor in chocolate rather than a bunch of sugar – and I can say that Dandelion definitely nailed it.

In today’s world of mass produced everything, if you’ve got love for chocolate at a higher level than what you see at your local grocery store – this spot will take good care of you.

They also offer factory tours to experience what happens behind the scenes which you can book through their website. It’s next on my bucket list so you’ll get an update here.

Thank you for stopping by. Let me know if you visit soon. I’d love to know about your experience.

Dandelion Chocolate

740 Valencia St (at 18th) San Francisco, CA 94110

- Gur

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