Visual Experience: Conservatory of Flowers

Welcome to the Conservatory of Flowers - step inside and experience an alternate universe where plants thrive and good vibes flow in the air. There is a sense of peace, calm, and wellness. The air is subtly warm. The sound of birds chirping echoes from room to room. All facilities dedicated to physical and mental healing should look like this. It is proven that being in the presence of nature is one of the strongest healing powers there is out there. They don't just say to "stop and smell the roses" because it sounds romantic. They say it because it actually does good for your soul. This post is dedicated to the idea that taking time to experience peace and not waiting for it to "show up" is important. If you don't create peace around you, and inside you, it will never exist in your life. This post is also an introduction to a new series on the blog where I want to let the pictures do the talking from time to time. Scroll down for the visual experience -

Visit the Conservatory of Flowers:

100 John F Kennedy Dr, San Francisco, CA 94118

Love & Light,