#electriluxeatz: Virtuous Coffee

We all know the divine feeling of visiting a newly discovered, cozy, coffee spot. Or, atleast I do. But even though I'm a coffee & aesthetic enthusiast, I always crave being able to get that "high quality" coffee at home, in bed, while watching some Netflix or reading a book. Going to fancy spots is great but it can get a bit tiring and out of the way so easily. Virtuous coffee happened to see the excessive coffee posts on my feed (which I am oh so proud of) and reached out to me to try their product. First of all let me make it clear that despite being a coffee lover, I still did not have an at home coffee system set up, because anything I tried just didn't "make the cut." It never tasted as good as the stuff at cafe's and I never felt like I got my fix, so I eventually gave up. But, from the moment I opened this bag of single origin coffee beans from the Antigua region of Guatemala, I knew my life was about to change - for the better. From grinding the coffee beans, to basking in the amazing smell, to finally buying my own French press, my overall experience was better than I could have imagined. I also made home-made vanilla sweet cream to add to my coffee and I feel like I've got my life together. I'm literally the most excited kid on the planet because I can now make coffee at the comfort of my home and it won't taste like the kind you get at car dealerships when you're waiting to buy or service your car. Plus, it'll get delivered to my doorstep. And although virtuous coffee reached out to me to try their product, there's no way I would claim that a certain coffee/brand is good and do you dirty like that. I know how important it is. I wouldn't be awake and functioning today without it. A bit about virtuous coffee: They are a company that sources single-origin coffee beans from around the world and delivers them to your doorstep. You pick which region's coffee you enjoy the most, and from there, the coffee of your dreams gets delivered to you as frequently as you prefer. Does it get any better than that? Who needs makeup bag subscriptions when you can do it with coffee now? To get your own free sample and try it for yourself, visit here:

Virtuous Coffee