No more boring days. No more waking up early. No more Mondays. No more morning alarms. No more stress. No more lists. If only that were a possibility.

Plans to take over the world and conquer one thing after the other circle my mind 24/7. At times I can't help myself no matter how much I try. Along with being blessed enough to be able to achieve some of my biggest goals this year, my next goal, is to teach myself to say "no more" once in a while. I run on empty and jump from one thing to another, pushing myself to the brink, until my body has to physically force me to slow down by sending a headache or cold my way. That's the only time I can justify resting or being in bed doing absolutely nothing - and even then, you'll probably catch me in bed frantically scrolling down social media or soaking in articles because the hunger and drive to stay inspired never goes away. But lately, I've been trying to squeeze "rest" somewhere in between work and play. Ambition is important, but what is the thrill of it if your mind, body, and soul are tired and restless?

An article by Dean Schabner for ABC news states that not only are Americans working longer hours, but now they are also working more than anyone else in the industrialized world. Ring a bell? I feel that somewhere along the line, Americans have been conditioned to look at resting and time off as a crime - almost as if slowing down will be an act that will be looked down upon by the people around us. We are generally overstressed, overworked, and pleasantly use to it. Grabbing a quad shot espresso over ice and conquering a headache with my travel size Tylenol bottle was working for a while - but I know I'm setting myself up for long term exhaustion by finding quick fixes. Pushing myself to take time away from my every day run around and using an actual day off to take a mental and physical day off has been difficult to say the least, but I can't say I'm not loving it. Many of us, including myself, wait until we NEED to rest, to give our mind and body some down time. As if a justification is always needed to sit down and not do anything for a change. I feel that is where we mess up. The act of taking time for yourself and slowing down shouldn't be forced due to other factors - but should be held at the same level of importance as work or school. I personally have noticed that the more I push myself to do so, the better I perform over all. So it's a win win. There could be so much more potential in us that we're missing because we think we don't need to slow down, and that this pace is working. But what about slowing down, rebooting, and coming back ten times stronger?

I visited Paris a few years ago and noticed how my go-to cappuccino guy would close his cafe just after 11AM to enjoy his own cup of coffee while reading the paper and occasionally having his family over to enjoy lunch with him. He'd open up again after a few hours, looking fresh as ever, enthused by the idea of meticulously crafting a unique cup of coffee for every person who walked in. Him being relaxed and taking that small amount of time to himself on the daily allowed him to be his best for his clientele, and in turn, create a relationship with people where they actually came back and coordinated their schedules around his shop because the service was impeccable each time. Can you imagine a business owner in the U.S ever committing such an act? How dare we right? We are the nation of getting paid double when agreeing to work on holidays that are meant to be spent unwinding with family and close ones. But my intent is to break that cycle that I've unknowingly become a part of - and I hope I've somehow inspired some of you to try and do the same. I'm slowly starting to learn that I won't reach my full potential unless I take care of myself before trying to take on the world. It's a tough one to get use to - but my intuition is telling me there will be better days if I do so. *casually integrates J. Cole lyrics because I'm a genius.*

I aim for each blog post to be about a subject more than just the clothes themselves. Instead, I want to share the story behind how or why each outfit was put together and what feelings sparked the vision behind it. When I saw this shirt on Zara's website, I knew it'd remind me to want to practice the act of slowing down once in a while. And this ensemble is my idea of a cozy, "me day." A comfy tee, shorts, kicks, and my futon + a good book, and ya girl is set for her day of doing no more. Try it for yourself, I promise it's a good investment.



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