Stepping out of my comfort zone with fashion is honestly what helped me step out of my comfort zone in other aspects of my life. It's crazy how it all correlates for me. Growing up I can say that I was a pretty timid kid - and I always felt as if I was beneath others because I didn't have much to offer in terms of confidence and social skills. Long story short - I went from being the kid who was made fun of and afraid to talk to people - to the complete opposite. I feel that journey of mine started through fashion. Here I was, suddenly intrigued by dressing outside of the box and being more than the norm, but I also began to notice that this choice would shift a lot of attention towards me, which was terrifying at first. Thoughts about what people would think or how they'd judge me overpowered my head but I knew I couldn't be who I wanted to be until I overcame that fear of not being accepted. Slowly I made myself use to that until it was no longer something that affected me. That's how my creativity took flight. I've taken that moral and grown so much with it over the years. If I hadn't pushed myself to wear that one look that I loved but was afraid to wear my freshman year in high school, I probably wouldn't be the person I am today - and ever since then - I've gotten more and more unapologetic with not just my style, but my overall outlook.

Due to being too busy and occupied in various aspects of my life, not only do I not get the chance to dress up as often as I'd like, but I have noticed that I also haven't gotten the chance to play around with different things that I haven't worn before to push the boundaries within my closet. This look satisfied that void for me - because as soon as I threw it on - I instantly felt out of the box, and different - which is the tiny thrill that I live for. 

Of course, this look revolves around my palazzo pants which I purchased from Zara. It was my first time trying/wearing this style in pants and I am so in love. Not only are they fancy, but also so comfortable and airy. Perfect for this hot weather that is approaching the bay area. I had to add a less girlier aspect to this look by pairing it with a corset, also from zara, + a crop top and heels. Last but not least, If you know me, you know my DILLIGAF clutch from Married to the Mob completes my existence. 

Photo credits to Chelsea Marie. Check her out on: chelseamarie.me & @_cmariec on insta.

Thankyou for taking the time to stop by. Sending love + light

          - Gur

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