Let me get right to the point: food is happiness, and I'm really into exploring that happiness. It's interesting to see different ingredients, cooking approaches, and cultural backgrounds come together to make a new dish at each new spot. And I mean in this case, we're not only seeing something come together, but we're also getting to taste it. So, it's a win win situation to love food, guys. The fashionista in me doesn't necessarily always agree with this statement, but we find a way to work it out. With that said - I would like to introduce the #ELECTRILUXEATZ section of this blog where I'll be reviewing my favorite foodie spots. Don't tell avid yelpers about me or I might offend them. Today's review is of Hot Italian in Emeryville CA. Think authentic Italian pizza and appetizers, modern ambience, and a simplistic yet aesthetically pleasing approach.

The vibe here is everything good about dining out without the "I have to be in heels for this place" obligation. It gives you the perfect amount of fancy without 1: breaking the bank and 2: making you feel like you can only go for a special occasion. Their menu consists of various Italian appetizers, expertly crafted authentic style pizzas that can also be ordered as a calzone if you prefer, drinks, and catch this: they also have coffee and their own gelato bar within the establishment. It's a one stop shop for all the good things in life, I promise.

Their mozzarella al forno won as the appetizer pick for the night because mozzarella and I have a special relationship. Anywhere I see it, it cannot be resisted. I hope it feels the same about me.

A hot skillet with a fresh dollop of mozzarella in a bed of roasted tomato sauce and basil arrived on the table and stole my heart in the cheesiest of ways. It was like cheese pizza in melted form and all I have to say is: if you're a pizza lover, you have to try this dish.

Next up: Basso. Artichoke hearts, olives, pesto, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, pepperoni, and tomato sauce. Need I say more? This was the main course, all thrown together in the form of a heavenly creation that humans like to refer to as pizza.

Adorn each bite with a little bit of their "piccante" oil, and your senses will thank you. I'm so use to the traditional every day pizza, so this was definitely a treat and a wonderful new perspective in terms of flavor. It didn't feel heavy or overwhelming - and it's really easy to tell that each ingredient is of fresh quality.

I honestly would have started off with this next step, but sometimes I get forced to follow the rules, and so this marvelous meal ended with some gelato. I wouldn't be me if I left without it. I loved how they had a gelato bar inside the restaurant. So you can always go to just grab gelato and coffee if you're not planning on having dinner at the place, which is definitely something I'd want to take advantage of.

Their flavors were absolutely dreamy. A scoop of orange white chocolate + espresso is the way to go. The perfect ending.

If you visit them after reading my post, let me know your thoughts + what you tried because I definitely want to go back to try more things on their menu. I already know this is going to be a staple spot for me.

Restaurant address: 5959 Shellmound St #75, Emeryville, CA 94608